Exhibition Design Sauerkraut

Exhibition Design
3. semester

Ficional exhibition

We are assigned the exhibit sauerkraut
and created around it a whole fictional exhibition.

How exactly is sauerkraut produced?
Anyone can make sauerkraut at home. With the help of
several exhibits and accompanying texts, visitors will
learn more about the fermentation process. The exhibition
also includes a quiz that can be solved on a tablet.

Places where sauerkraut ferments are mainly cellars.We worked this association
into our exhibition. You walk into a kind of cellar vault with warm cones of light
that illuminate only parts of the exhibition.
But the exhibition should not be old-fashioned at all. Therefore,the implementation of the basement shelf is planned in modern materials: exposed concrete, glass boxes, anthracite-colored metal struts and warm white LEDs.

Touch Device

To round off the exhibition,
the visitor has the opportunity
to participate in the quiz.
On the Ipad you are guided
through each step again and
have to solve the tasks.